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Journal Pages 41-54
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The Military Journal of George Ewing:
A Soldier of Valley Forge -- Pages 41-54

Page Forty One

22d Was Relievd from Piquet

this was the day appointed by

Congress for a day of fasting and


24th Lieut Catouch arivd in Camp

I received a Letter from My

Lovely Olivia which informs

me that She is in a poor

state of health dated April 14th 78

25th The Division exersisd in the

new method under the direction

of Lieut Coll Barber--

Thos Connolly received 250 lashes

26th Lordsday Spent this day at

the Park in company with

Lts Elmer and More and

Mr John Peck More and

I swapt Swords--

Mr. Elmer and I took

a walk a long the lines in


Page Forty Two

front of the Camp there

is no Ground in front

that by any means commd

them but in my oppinnion

the chief dependance is

on the second line which

is Picketed from end to end

in front of the huts and abuted

in front of them besides

breastworks and Redoutes on

several heiths on the flanks

and in the Rear--

This evening Coll Van Swiks

Regt arivd in Camp from

Albany consisting of 400 men

Rbt Johnston received 300 lashes

for desertion


Page Forty Three

28th I Resignd my Commission

To his Excellency and got

a discharge from the Service

30th I entered as a Vollenteer in

Cpt Randals Compy of Arty

Coll Lambs Regt

this Evening had the agreeable

news that the Courts of France

and Spain had declared the

U States of America free &

Independand on the arival

of this news the soldiers

began to congratulate each

other on the prospect of

an approaching peace.


Page Forty Four


1st Last Evening May poles

were Erected in everry Regt in

the Camp and at the Revelie

I was awoke by three cheers

in honor of King Tamany

The day was spent in mirth

and Jollity the soldiers parading

marching with fife & Drum

and Huzzaing as they passd the

poles their hats adornd with

white blossoms

The following was the procession

of the 3d J Regt on the aforesaid


first one serjeant drest in an

Indian habit representing

King Tamany

Second Thirteen Sergeants

drest in white each with a bow

in his left hand and thirteen

arrows in his right


Page Forty Five

Thirdly thirteen Drums & fifes

Fourthly the privates in

thirteen Plattons thirteen

men each--

The Non Commissiond

Officcers and Soldiers being

drawn up in the afforsaid

manner on the Regimental

Parade gave 3 Cheers at their

own Pole and then Marchd

of to Head Quarters to do Honor

to his Excellency but just

as they were descending the

hill to the house and Aid

met them and informd

them that the Genl was

Indisposd and desird them

to retire which they did

with the greatest decency

and regularity--


Page Forty Six

they then returnd and

marchd from right to

left of Lord Stirlings Division

Huzzaing at every Pole

they pasd and then retird

to their Regimental parade

taking a drink of whiskey

which a Generous contribution

of their officers had procurd

for them they dismisd

and each man retird to

his own hut without any

accident hapning throughout

the whole day the whole

being carried on with the

greatest regularity--

in the evening the Officers

of the aforesaid Regt assembld

and had a song and dance

in honour of King Tamany

about 12 O Clock we dismissd and

retird to rest.


Page Forty Seven

Removed my quarters

to the Aty Park in the

afternoon playd a game

at Wicket with a number

of Gent of the Arty--

This Morning Messr Curtis

& Catouch set out for Jersey

3d Lords day The Brigade of Aty

attended Divine Service at

the Jersey Camp where we

had a sermon preachd by the

Revd Mr. Hunter--

4 This day His Excellency

dined with G Nox and after

dinner did us the honor to

play at Wicket with us--


Page Forty Eight

6th This day we fired a Grand

Fue de Joy on account of the

News brought by Mr. Simeon Dean in the La Sensible

from our Plenepotentiary

at the Court of France the purport

of which was that

the Courts of France & Spain

had declard the U States of America

to be free and Independand

States and had ceded to us all

the teritories on the continent

of America which formerly

belongd to the Crown of Great

Britain and also the Island of

Bermuda and also to assist

us in carrying on this just

and necessary war with no

other conditions on our part

but that we should not in

any treaty of peace with


Page Forty Nine

England give up our

Independancy --

In consequence of this intelligence

this day was set apart for a

day of rejoysing throuout the

whole army Accordingly at

ten o clock A M a cannon was fired

as a signal for the whole to

Parade and after a discourse suited

to the subject by the Chaplains

of each Brigade a second cannon

fired a signal for each Brigade

to repair to their respective

post Thirteen Six Pounders were

drove to a height in the Rear

of Conways Brigade after the troops

were posted the flag on the fort

was dropt and the third cannon

fired at the Park when the 13

cannon fired on the height

after which a fire of Musquetry


Page Fifty

Began on the right of the front

line and proceeded to the left of

the same and then instantly

beginning on the left of the

rear line proceeded to the right

of the same after this firing

was over a fourth cannon

from the Park was the signal

for three cheers and Long Live

the King of France

after this Thirteen more

Cannon and Musquetry as

aforesaid the signal and three

cheers and a shout of God

Save the friendly Powers

of Europe --

The third cannon & Musque

as aforesaid signal and cheers

and a shout of God Save the

American States


Page Fifty One

as soon as this was concluded

the troops Marchd to their

respective quarters no accident


happend during this

after the Fue de Joy was over

and the troops dismisd his

Excellency invitd the officers

of the Army to assemble

under a booth that was prepad

for the purpose and partake

of a cold Collation which was

prepard for them where he did

us the honour eat and drink

with us where many patriotic

Toasts were drank and the

concluded with harmless Mirth

and jollity*

7th This afternoon the first

Jersey Rgt receivd orders to march

tomorrow to Jersey to join the

Second under the command of

Coll Shreve

*This day was a Genl

releasement of prisoners


Page Fifty Two

8 This Morning the First

Jersey Regt Marchd for Jersey

10th Lord day this afternoon orders

were issued for 2500 men

under the Command of the

Marquess La Fayett and 5

field pieces under the Comma

of Capt Lee to be ready to

march tomorrow morning

18th About 8 A M the Detachment

wet out with which I

went as a Vollenteer

in the Artillery and joind

myself to a 3 pounder

commanded by Lt Doughty

we marchd over the bridge

and about sunset arivd at

Barnhill here we took post

and remaind that night


Page Fifty Three

the next day and night

20th this morning about

8 O Clock intelligence arivd

that the Enemy were

coming upon us from

every quarter that one

party were marching

up through Germantown

another then on Whites marsh

heights another at Plymouth

Meeting house we immedi

ately drew up in order

of battle and then marchd

off for Mottsons ford on

the Schuylkiln by this time

the several parties were

within half a mile of

us however we gaind

the ford--


Page Fifty Four

Crossd it and encampd at the Gulf

Mills towards evening we marchd

to Swedes ford and encamped for the

Night --

21st this Morning Crossd the ford

and Marchd again to Barnhill

took post on our old Ground

about Midnight Marchd

off to Swedes ford again here

we halted drew provision

and then returnd to Camp

this evening the Marquess

Received a Commission of

Ambassador of his Most

Christian Madjesty to

Congress --


End of Military Journal

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