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George Ewing
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George's Life
Military Journal

The grandson of Thomas Ewing Sr. and Mary Maskell,
George Ewing was born 18 March 1754 in Greenwich, Salem County, New Jersey.  He died 15 January 1824 in Perry County, Indiana.  George married Rachel Harris, daughter of Nathaniel Harris and Abigail Padgett, on 10 August 1778.  They had seven children:   George Jr., Abigail, Sarah, Rachel, Hannah Haris, Thomas, and Jane Hunter.

You can read more about George Ewing's life and his experiences in the American Revolution and you can view a copy of his military commission signed by John Hancock.  During the American Revolution and during his time at Valley Forge, George Ewing kept a Military Journal, copies of which have been passed down through many generations.  The Journal is 54 pages in length and it is contained here in its entirety. 

For more information about George's ancestors and descendants, go to Descendant Names.

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