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Thomas Ewing Sr.
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Most references state that
Thomas Ewing Sr., the son of Captain Findley Ewing and Jane Porter, was born in Londonderry, Ireland 6 October 1695.  However, baptism records at the Burt Congregation just outside of Londonderry indicate he was baptized on 10 October 1690.

This conflict has recently been discussed by Mrs. Margaret Ewing Fife on page 34 of her book, Ewing in America, 1995.   She states:

"One controversy that needs to be pointed up is the birth date of Thomas Ewing, "son of Finley and Jane Porter Ewing."  Ewing Families by Rev. Joseph L. Ewing on page 13 states Thomas "was born in Londonderry Ireland in 1695."  The tombstone of Thomas and Mary Maskell is 24 inches tall and was erected after she died 17 December 1784 at age 84.  It says...Thomas died 28 February 1747/8 age 52 years.  The stone was cut almost 100 years after Thomas was born and had been there over 100 years when Rev. Joseph L. Ewing saw it."

Mrs. Fife believes that Thomas Ewing was born in 1690 and that he was about 58 years old when he died.  An examination of the script of that day shows that the figure "8" and the figure "2" are exceedingly alike!  Because the 1690 birth date agrees with the baptism date found in the Burt Congregation records, it is most likely that the 1690 date is correct.

By 1714, the Irish people were brought to a state of degrading subjection to England; being precluded by restricting laws from the privileges of competition in trade and oppressed by exorbitant taxes and rents. They were wretchedly poor. There seemed to be no way out than to flee the country for America. An emigration from the North of Ireland to America commenced shortly after the Battle of the Boyne and continued for several years. In this stream of emigration, came the Ewings.  Thomas Ewing Sr. is thought to be the first of the American Ewing immigrants.

Thomas may have come to America with his brother Findley but this has never been proven. Thomas first came to Long Island and in a short time found a permanent home at Greenwich, New Jersey. He soon found employment in a mill which stood over the "Meeting House" run. One day a friend observed to him that there was a pretty girl on horseback watering her horse at the run. After going to the window to see her, Thomas said, "I shall marry that girl." The pretty girl on horseback was Mary Maskell, the nineteen year old daughter of Thomas and Mercy Maskell. They were married in 1720. Her father gave her as a marriage gift, one hundred acres of land upon which she and her husband lived.

Thomas was a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church in Greenwich where he and his family were very active in church life.  He and his wife Mary are both buried in the Presbyterian Churchyard in Greenwich. An ancient family manuscript speaks of Thomas Ewing as "A man highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him."

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