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Thomas Ewing Sr.
Thomas Ewing Jr.
James Ewing
George Ewing
Hon. Thomas Ewing
William T. Sherman
Hugh Boyle Ewing
General Thomas Ewing
General Charles Ewing
Thomas Ewing Sherman


Descended from Thomas Ewing Sr (1695-1747/48) and his wife, Mary Maskell (1701-1784) of Greenwich, New Jersey, are numerous men (too many to list here) who greatly contributed to the development of America.  They were pioneers, forging trails and roads into the Northwest Territory.  They were soldiers, fighting in the American Revolution and in the Civil War.  Many became lawyers and politicians, helping design the laws of a new nation.  The Ewing men came from a long line of military families and continued in this tradition as they fought for freedom in America.  The 54-page Military Journal of George Ewing contains  glimpses of the Battles of Germantown and Brandywine as well as the difficult winter spent at Valley Forge.

Many Ewing men were contemporaries and friends of Calhoun, Clay, and Webster.   Perhaps the most well-known of this line is the Hon. Thomas Ewing of Lancaster, Ohio, who became a U.S. Senator and sat on the cabinet of four U.S. Presidents.  The Thomas Ewing family adopted the famous William T. Sherman after the death of his father and raised William as their own.  He later married Thomas' daughter, Ellen, and became their son-in-law. 

You can read about their interesting and challenging lives by selecting the buttons to the left or clicking on the links below where you will also find birth and death dates and names of wives.  From top to bottom, the men are listed from the oldest generation first. 

Thomas Ewing Sr. (1695-1747/48) m Mary Maskell

Thomas Ewing Jr.(1722-1771) m Sarah Vickars

James Ewing (1744-1823) m Martha Bond

George Ewing (1754-1824) m Rachel Harris

Hon. Thomas Ewing (1789-1871) m Maria Wills Boyle

William T. Sherman (1820-1891) m Ellen Ewing

Hugh Boyle Ewing (1826-1905) m Henrietta Young

General Thomas Ewing (1829-1896) m Ellen Cox

General Charles Ewing (1835-1883) m Virginia Larwell Miller

Father Thomas Ewing Sherman (1856-1933)




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